The Anti-Binge Plan

A Practical Guide For Overcoming Binge And Emotional Eating From Someone Who Successfully Recovered

Available as paperback, kindle eBook and audio.

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The Anti-Binge Plan is a practical guide for everyone who is struggling with binge eating, emotional eating, and overeating, as well as with their body confidence and acceptance.

The book will help you in: 

  • Dealing and overcoming your eating challenges 
  • Understanding your psychology when it comes to eating food
  • Losing weight in a healthy way long-term without crazy dieting 
  • Regaining self-love and body confidence 
  • Dealing with mental/emotional hunger
  • Overcoming Insulin resistance and Leptin resistance 
  • Establishing intuitive and mindful eating 
  • And much more…

You will not only learn practical strategies but also necessary psychological tools to re-program your brain for regaining a healthy attitude towards food.