In today’s fitness-obsessed world, we often adopt the mindset that working out is a „MUST“. In order lose weight, to be happy and to look great, we have to work out, otherwise we won’t burn off enough calories which leads to weight gain and results in us never reaching our fitness and body goals.

That means exercise and fitness in general are becoming a rule besides many others on our list. Instead of listening to our body when it needs some movement, we totally lose our intuition towards it and its needs, ending up in an obsessed behavior. If we leave out one workout, we’ll feel guilty and if we don’t see constant progress, we’ll feel like we’re failing on our health journey.

Intuitive Exercise

With this fear-based mindset, exercise becomes a compulsive part of our life, which has nothing to do with passion and health anymore. Because of this, 95% of us give up exercising completely within the first month due to too much stress and pressure that we put on our backs.

Does this resonate with you? If so, don’t worry. There’s a solution called „intuitive exercising“, which is the only way to maintain a healthy exercise routine in the long term.

Intuitive exercising means shifting our perception from exercising as a “MUST” to exercising as a “CAN”. It gives us the choice to move our body in a way that feels good and comfortable without punishing ourselves for every calorie we’ve eaten too much. It’s about honoring our body and listening to its needs which will bring us back to an intuitive behavior that empowers us to become more consistent in our exercise routine.

Intuitive Exercise

Here are some tips to get you on YOUR own intuitive approach to exercise and fitness in general:

1.Shift your mind

Exercising is about loving your body and improving your mental and physical health. Exercising is NOT about burning calories, weight loss, or becoming more attractive. Shift your mind away from a weightloss-obsessed mindset to a selflove mindset.

2.Tune into your body every day

Every morning, take a deep breath and make a body scan by asking yourself how you feel and if a workout could benefit you. If your body doesn’t give you any signs of needing some exercise, your task is to rest. If your body is feeling energized and is craving for some movement, you can go for some movement that feels right for you.

3. Every kind of exercise is right

No matter which kind of exercise you are choosing. Whether it’s weightlifting, swimming, jogging, dancing, yoga or even walking, there’s no type of exercise that’s “better” than another. Forget about what the fitness and diet industry tells you. You do what feels right for you at the moment and nothing else.

Intuitive Exercise

4. Find your purpose

Before you start exercising, ask yourself why you chose to workout. Be honest with yourself. Your purpose should always be in harmony with tip number 1.

5. Enjoy your workout!

Every workout should be something you enjoy. Exercise is no punishment and you don’t have to go to your limits during your workouts. What feels comfortable and good for you, is right for your body. Enjoying your workout will make you look forward to your next workout. 

All the best to you,


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