Personally, I have always known that binge-eating is a ‘symptom‘. And that the root-cause of something else. And any problem that has have an underlying root-cause for me cannot be uncovered without seeking someone one-to-one. Christina’s principles how to work with people and see this topic caught my attention as this was new for me compared to my previous experiences. I am now an advocate for seeking more personal awareness in life and knowledge. Therefore this is probably my biggest take away. I would recommend everyone who wants to raise their awareness on their issue to seek Christina out. It is always a bonus when the person has recovered from the same issue. There is an instant sense of connection.

Ann A., Australia
After reading Christina’s book, there was one thing that I love about her approach. She doesn’t follow the common dogmas of counting calories and calorie restriction. She was trying to let us understand that the binge eating is not the problem but most of the time a pointer to an underlying issue we need to check out. It also helps us to understand that the fitness industry has made it look like everything works for everyone, and this is not the case. Everyone has what works for them. Finally, we were taught self-acceptance as an essential factor that would help us overcome Binge eating. Overall it is very informative and straight to the point with sections highlighting the overall context of the book – the initial an overall summary and the final, a bit of advice to top it all. Thanks.
Joan B., USA
Christina’s approach to food and eating is useful for anyone and everyone who has ever struggled or had any kind of problematic relationship with food. I, as many others, can admit to having had a complicated relationship with food for most of my life, and her advice was a hopeful gem that brings a concrete and long-term solution for me to work with. Christina approaches the topic of food in a simple and relatable way, which in a world of crash-dieting and fitness scams is a complete breath of fresh air. I can genuinely say that her information has left me with a new way of looking at my own relationship with food, and in the best possible way. It doesn’t impose a one-size-fits-all way of dieting, but a much more holistic and compassionate way of becoming friends with both your own body and how you choose to feed it. I would definitely recommend working with Christina, especially to women as I can relate to all the ones struggling with their body-image and their relationships to food. It’s such a common issue and the healthiest way to address it is through compassion and love, which is exactly what Christina does. It’s the only true and lasting way of doing it.
Maia B., France
Having a daughter who was diagnosed with an eating disorder at the age of 12 years old is unsettling for any parent. Under the advice of the pediatricians, I kept her on strict diet and rigorous exercise. It did help her to maintain her weight until the age of 17 years. However, I ended up with an unhappy child. While I wondered if by chance my child was having pre-teen depression, Christina's information has been God sent! I have realised that my child’s eating habits were a cry for help. She binge ate to comfort herself, her loneliness due to us, her parents' hectic work schedule and never having time for her. If I was in the same country as Christina and her colleagues, I would definitely be meeting them to assist my daughter more. Highly recommended.
Kim L., Australia
Christina has given me the opportunity to look further and deeper into the psychology of humans and the eternal fight of how we see food and the body. She has a whole new approach to this matter and provides beneficial information. That has given me a lot of useful information that has helped me in many ways. For example I have had some certain moments in the past when I wasn't satisfied with my body and went to the gym or start a diet. But the results didn't last long. Now with the help of Christina, I learned that everybody has a different approach to food, to love my body the way as it is, and if you truly want to achieve positive results you need to learn to listen to your body and mind in order to succeed. I truly believe that Christina is the right person to help you if you’re experiencing problems with binge eating. This supports the fact that she alone won the battle against this phenomenon and went to school for the second time after her law degree to study psychology just to help out other people that experience the same problem. Helping thousands of people in the past 10 years, makes her hero in the battle to overcome this problem so can everyone has a happier life. I recommend other people that are facing this problem, to contact Christina as she is the right person to help.
Nadia P., Croatia
I personally found Christina’s support helpful and her information spoke to me. I’ve never experienced a deep eating disorder, but am someone who has been suffering from depression and anxiety since my teenage years. A lot of what she talked about could be applied to several areas of mental health issues, not just eating disorders, and I truly appreciate that. Different things work for different people. You never know where you’ll find something that will actually help you as opposed to reading the same things over and over again. I always like hearing about different approaches because not everyone’s brain works the same way. What could be beneficial for you might not work for me, or vice versa. I would recommend Christina’s work because sometimes it’s just nice to hear another person’s story instead of reading various articles on the internet that more or less say the same things. I have a dear friend struggling with an eating disorder and will recommend Christina to her. I’m a firm believer of sharing stories to help one another!
Danielle F., USA