„What we eat affects how we feel and how we feel affects what we eat.“

Psychology of Eating

The psychology of Eating is a new approach to physical and mental transformation for anyone who wants to uncover the truth behind unwanted eating behaviors, like compulsive eating, binging, weight gain or even undereating.

Everyone has their own and unique relationship to food and their body, which can be compassionate, positive and intimate. What we put into our bodies influences our emotions, health and our behaviors. Through our eating behaviors, we receive a deep insight into our inner self and if something is out of order in our inner world, we immediately notice clear changes in our relationship with food, which in turn affect our behaviors.

Eating Psychology


In order to explain the reasons for it, here are some sobering facts:

From these facts, we can clearly see that the traditional approaches don’t work to solve weight and body problems. The convenient way of going on a restrictive diet and working out regularly simply doesn’t work and on the contrary leads to even more mental and physical health issues.

Psychology of Eating

It’s time to change the traditional way of treating people in terms of mental and physical transformation. Food cannot be seen solely as food anymore. And people cannot be seen as machines without any emotions anymore. The real reason why people fail on their health and body journey is not that they didn’t try hard enough, it’s rather because we are emotional human beings who have fascinating relationships with food and their bodies.

The Psychology of Eating is combining nutrition and exercise with psychology as it is no longer sustainable to avoid working on our mental and emotional state in regards to our health. Our physical and mental health are indivisibly connected to each other and influence each other in a marvelous way.

Free yourself from this old torture of diet culture and become part of this new revolution, where nutrition and exercise science meet psychology.

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